2017 NCAA Hockey Playoff Preview

Week One
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With the teams set for the NCAA tournament, Elo can be used to make predictions on how each team will do in the tournament. The chart below shows the odds of each team making it out of each round.

Based on Elo rankings, third overall Harvard has the best chance of winning the Frozen Four. With a 19.8% chance of winning the whole tournament, they have slightly better odds than the top ranked Quinnipiac had last season.

The other teams with a greather than 10% chance of winning the tournament are Minnesota-Duluth and Denver.

Providence may be the most unlucky team, having to play Harvard in the first round despite entering the tournament with the fifth highest Elo ranking.

The best chance of a first round upsets go to Air Force and Notre Dame, both of which are actually favored by Elo despite being granted a lower seed than their opening round opponents.

First RoundQuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinals
Umass Lowell56.5831.8917.438.58
Notre Dame52.5925.0912.445.50
Boston U53.1624.4910.765.24
North Dakota46.8420.168.263.77
Air Force52.8818.478.023.57
Penn State44.2718.167.722.93
Western Michigan47.1215.286.212.59
Michigan Tech34.9416.056.692.49
Ohio State30.8812.864.481.75