2017 NCAA Hockey Frozen Four Preview

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Week Two

There were very few surprises in the first weekend of the tournament. The higher ranked Elo team won 7 of the 8 opening round games, with the only upset being Penn State's 10-3 win over Union.

The top three teams (Harvard, Minnesota-Duluth, and Denver) all advanced to the Frozen Four. Notre Dame entered the tournament with the sixth highest Elo, and (as a result of their wins) have since moved up to fifth.

With the final four teams all so even, there is very little difference in the overall odds for each of the remaing teams. Harvard (which currently holds the top Elo ranking) is the favorite with a 30.54% chance of winning the tournament. However, Denver is given the best odds of winning their semifinal (and even then, they only slight favorites with a 56.5% chance of winning).

Notre Dame43.5617.42